I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with my Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from the EECS department at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a minor in Economics from the Lindner College of Business. I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Technology and graduated summa cum laude with honors in May 2019. I received my M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on systems engineering in May 2020. My master's theis work investigated the applications of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to inspect infrastructure and construction sites under the supervision of Dr. Arthur Helmicki.

As a senior, my senior design team received special mentions for our project Mission Box. Click here to view our final report. As an undergraduate student, I was part of the ACCEND Program that allowed me to complete 5 semesters of Co-op and both my undergraduate and master's degrees in six years.

As a sophomore, I joined the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) as a peer tutor where I facilitated a learning environment for one-on-one tutoring in 1000 level and above STEM courses. I got to assist students with study techniques that would result in improved academic performance. As a peer tutor, I also got to participate in additional seminars to improve skills related to communication, teamwork, professional profile building, and leadership. At the end of the semester, I completed CRLA's international tutor training level 1 program certification.

Software Skills

Android Studio
Context Capture
Mitsubishi PLC Tools
RS Logix
CADSoft Eagle
Lego NXT-G
NI Multisim
Bootstrap 4
MS Office


CHEM 1040: General Chemistry I (BSc)
CHEM 1040L: General Chemistry Lab I (BSc)
ENED 1020: Engineering Foundations (BSc)
ENED 1090: Engineering Models I (BSc)
ENGL 1001: English Composition (BSc)
MATH 1061: Calculus I (BSc)
EECE 1080C: Programming for ECE (BSc)
ELTN 1042: Circuit Analysis I (BSc)
ENED 1091: Engineering Models II (BSc)
HNRS 1010: Gateway to University Honors (BSc)
MATH 1062: Calculus II (BSc)
PD 1011: Intro to Co-Op CEAS (BSc)
ECON 1001: Introduction to Micro Economics (BSc)
ELTN 1041C: Digital Systems (BSc)
ELTN 1043C: Circuit Analysis II (BSc)
PHYS 1051: General Physics I (BSc)
PHYS 1051L: General Physics Lab I (BSc)
ECON 1002: Introduction to Macro Economics (BSc)
ELTN 2003: Electronics (BSc)
ELTN 2013L: Electronics Lab (BSc)
ENED 3066: Engineering Statistics (BSc)
HNRS 3064: Envisioning City (BSc)
PHYS 2002: College Physics II (BSc)
ECON 2030: Intermediate Macro Economics (BSc)
ELTN 2047C: Electronic Communication (BSc)
ELTN 4015C: Flexible Automation (BSc)
MET 1071: Statics (BSc)
MET 3051: Math Application in MET (Multivariable Calculus) (BSc)
ECON 4015: Math Applications in Economics (BSc)
ELTN 3042C: Embedded Systems (BSc)
ELTN 4016C: Electric Machinery (BSc)
ELTN 4041C: Data Acquisition (BSc)
ELTN 4072C: Feedback Control (BSc)
AEEM 3077: UAVs for Urban Development (BSc)
ECON 4018: Game Theory Applications (BSc)
ELTN 4056C: Computer Networks (BSc)
ENGL 4092: Technical Writing (BSc)
EECE 6038C: Advanced Microsystems Design (MSc)
COMM 1071: Introduction to Public Speech (BSc)
ELTN 4011: Senior Design I (BSc)
ELTN 4085C: Digital Signal Processing (BSc)
MATH 2076: Linear Algebra (BSc)
EECE 6019: Probability & Random Processes (MSc)
EECE 7001: SECS Seminar (MSc)
ECON 2020: Intermediate Micro Economics (BSc)
ELTN 4012: Senior Design II (BSc)
PHYS 1052L: General Physics Lab II (BSc)
EECE 6026: Introduction to Communication Systems (MSc)
EECE 7002: SECS Seminar (MSc)
EECE 7065: Complex Systems & Networks (MSc)
EECE 6036: Intelligent Systems (MSc)
EECE 9092: Independent Study (MSc)
GEOG 6076C: Remote Sensing (MSc)

Hardware Skills

Arduino Environment
Raspberry Pi Environment
PLC Assembly
8051 MCU Environment
PIC24 MCU Environment
Wiring and Troubleshooting Electrical Systems
LCR Meter


Research Assistant | University of Cincinnati Infrastructure Institute (UCII)

Dec. 2017 to May 2020

I was a part of the research project that investigated the applications of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to monitor structure health and construction progress for the Ohio Department of Transportation(ODOT). My role in the project was to assist in inspections of bridges, buildings, and road constructions using sUAS. The research conducted on generating efficient flight plans and utilizing various research and photogrammetry tools to construct high-quality 3D models and orthomosaics to augment the inspection process for inspectors was used to present my master's degree thesis (Thesis) and generate relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) for ODOT. During my time at UCII, I developed an Android application that would generate efficient instructions to plan sUAS flight plans as per user requirements (See below). I also aided in developing and constructing the "Mission Box" a remote one-stop solution to store and stream sUAS videos and plan efficient flights for sUAS (See below).

Co-op Project Engineer | Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America (MEAA)

May 2017 to Aug. 2017

I worked with the team that manufacturers starters for Mitsubishi and other car manufacturers. During my time at MEAA, I assisted engineers at the manufacturing line of the various parts of a starter and aided in troubleshooting machines operated using PLCs and the sensors on the manufacturing line. I also generated CAD drawings for replacement parts on the manufacturing line and programmed and installed new PLCs and hardware during manufacturing line upgrades. (End of semester presentation)

Co-op Project Engineer | Honeywell Intelligrated

Aug. 2016 to Dec. 2016 & Jan. 2016 to May 2016

During my two semesters at Intelligrated, I assisted in designing warehouse automation electrical system schematics, layouts, and power line drawings for clienteles that included Walmart, Amazon, UPS, Target, and Dollar Tree. At Intelligrated I got hands-on experience with industry-grade software and hardware systems that monitor and assist in building electrical systems. I also assisted in designing power systems for customers like Amazon and UPS in multiple cities, installed electrical equipment, and conducted on-site commissioning and troubleshooting. While on project site visits I got to program VFDs and verify connections to all electrical devices. At Intelligrated I got to work with software like AutoCAD electrical, WAGO checkout tool, and Profitrace tool.

Summer Intern | Danway LLC

Jun. 2015 to Jul. 2015

I interned at Danway for one month during the summer of 2015. At Danway I learned the functioning of their engineering department by compiling sales and purchase orders in Excel, reading and studying electrical layouts, and power distribution drawings of electrical devices. I also got some experience in assembling electrical devices on panel rails following electrical schematics and learned the assembly of LV and MV panels and the functions of the devices residing in them.

Summmer Intern | Al Ghail Power Plant

May 2015 to Jun. 2015

I interned at Al Ghail Power Plant for one month during the summer of 2015. During my time at Al Ghail, I learned the functionality and working of a power plant, assisted in the daily inspection of the plant, and documented and tracked power supply and consumption to and by customers. This allowed me to learn and interact with the plant's HMI ladder logic programs that monitor the plant’s systems.

Peer Tutor | University of Cincinnati Learning Assistance Center

Aug. 2017 to Dec. 2017 & Aug. 2015 to Dec. 2015

As a peer tutor at the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) I facilitated a learning environment for one-on-one tutoring in 1000 level and above STEM courses (Pre Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, General Chemistry I, General Physics I, General Physics II, and Statics). I helped students with study techniques that would result in improved academic performances. As an employee of the LAC, I got to participate in additional seminars to improve my skills relating to communication, teamwork, professional profile building, and leadership. I also completed Level 1 CRLA’s international tutor training program certification during my first semester.


Personal Website
(Independent Project)

I built this website as an indpendent project, as I look for new opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic season. During the lockdown period I learnt to implement HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, and JQuery basics to build this personal website and used Github Pages to host it. Let me know if you have any comments/suggestions!

Simple Automatic Detection and Classification of Concrete Cracking
(Independent Study)

I developed a simple algorithm that automatically detects and classifies crack like features on images, for my independent study course. The algorithm was witten specifically to identify cracking on images of concrete. The algortihm was implemented using the MATLAB environment and utilizes OTSU thresholding and morphological operations to detect cracks that cover more than 5 pixels in an image. The code classifies cracks as transversal, longitudinal or diagonal and estimates their length and thickness. You can check out the code here!

Supervised Classification of Handwritten Digits using the MNIST Dataset
(Intelligent Systems)

I implemented and trained a multi-layer feed forward network to detect various handwriteen digits using the MNIST dataset. The network was trained using back-propagation with momentum and achieved a 95% hit rate. (Report) (Code)

Mission Box
(Senior Design Project)

For my senior design project, my team designed and built a portable hardware console that would aid the Ohio Department of Transportation’s UAS center to monitor and record small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) video feed for surveillance and inspection missions. As an Electrical Engineer I designed and built the hardware of the Mission Box whereas my team mate designed the UI and software that accompanied the Mission Box. The system would aid its users to record, stream and store sUAS videos locally and online. (Poster) (Final Report) (Project Video)

Mission Planner Android Application
(Senior Design Project)

An Android application I built to complement the mission box project, that provides users instructions to create efficient flight plans for sUAS to automate the image capture process. The application was designed to improve the functionality of DJI GS Pro flight planning application by allowing users to specify mission requirements (e.g. mapping a building, bridge, or construction site). It also generates a step-by step instruction manual that helps the users to program plans on the DJI GS Pro application efficiently. The application has the following features: allows users to plan missions that would aid in bridge, facility and construction site inspection; displays detailed information about popular sUAS camera systems; and access to multiple calculators pertaining to photogrammetry mission planning. (Code)

Aether: Swarm Drones for Search & Rescue (Business Model)
(UAVs for Urban Development)

UAV for urban development was a honor seminar that was offered in the spring semester of the year 2018. We were paired into teams of two and were given milestones to achieve where we researched into the applications of UAVs and developed a business models that would provide the details of the value proposition, function, target customers, and economic model of the research product. My team created a business model using UAVs titled "Aether: Swarm Drones for Search and Rescue". My team designed a business model that used UAVs to aid in search and rescue missions for the UAVs for Urban Development course. We generated a business model, conducted customer surveys, generated an economic model, developed concepts for air operations and presented a detailed operational concept. (Final Presentation) (Poster) (Video)

Mini 2D CNC Plotter
(Advanced Microsystems Design)

For my Advanced Microsystems Design course I designed and built a working prototype mini CNC plotter using the Mikromeida PIC24 Development Board, stepper motors and servo. The mini CNC plotter was built using old CD/DVD drives amd the PIC24 Development Board and Touchscreen was used to build the GUI and necessary code. The final prototype automated writing names and drawing shapes. (Video 1) (Video 2) (Final Report) (Code)

T-Rex Jump: Survival of the Fittest
(Embedded Systems)

For my Embedded Systems course my team replicated the TRex jump game available on Chrome using the 8051 microcontroller, LCD, piezo buzzer and pushbuttons. The code for the game was written in Embedded C. The pushbuttons allowed the users to interact with the game while the piezo buzzer created sound effects to augment the users gaming experience. (Final Report) (Code)

MATLAB Integral Calculator
(Engineering Models 2)

For my Engineering Models 2 course I developed a integral calculator using the MATLAB environment . I utilized the GUI functions available on MATLAB to design and program the calculator. The GUI had the following functions, allowed users to calculate the definite and indefinte integrals of the functions inputted, obtain the area under the graph of the function, the arc length of the function, the velocity of the funciton and test your knowledge to clarify the concepts of integrals. (Final Report) (Code)


27th ASNT Conference | 2018

Venkatesh, C., Balasubramaniam, A., Kumar, R., Brown, B., Norouzi, M., & Helmicki, A., (2018) “Construction Site Evaluation Employing 3D Models using UAV imagery”. Paper presented at the 27th ASNT Research Symposium (Link to Paper).

IEEE STRATUS Conference | 2019

Balasubramaniam, A., Identifying and Quantifying UAV Camera Limitation: Case Study using DJI XTR Camera. Case study presented at 2019 IEEESTRATUS Conference (Link to Presentation).


M.Sc. Thesis | 2020

Balasubramaniam, A., Applications of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and Photogrammetry to Monitor and Inspect Structural Health and Construction Sites (Link Coming Soon!).

ODOT Manual | 2020

Balasubramaniam, A., Helmicki, A., Hunt, V., & Brown, B. (2020) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Construction Site Mapping and Producing their accurate 3D Model Representation (Link Coming Soon!).

ODOT Manual | 2020

Balasubramaniam, A., Helmicki, A., Hunt, V., & Brown, B. (2020) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Mapping Structures (Bridges and Buildings) and Producing their accurate 3D Model Representation (Link Coming Soon!).


Graphics Designer, Transponics Engineer & Electronics Lead | Hyperloop UC

Dec. 2015 to Dec. 2017

Hyperloop UC represented the University of Cincinnati's at SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competitions. Hyperloop is a proposed mode of freight transportation (passengers in the near future), that consists of a pod like structure which would propel through a near vacuum tube at speeds greater than that of an airline. This high speed is achieved through minimal drag due to the near vacuum environment and very minimal friction due to its levitation in the pod. Students from all over the world participated to design and build a sub-scale prototype vehicle to demonstrate the functionality of the Hyperloop concept. As a part of the pod's electronics engineer I assisted in designing the electrical system of the team’s vehicle, tested LiPo batteries and industrial grade sensors under vacuum conditions, designed PCB shields for Arduino and those necessary for sensor and device integration, assisted in assembling the electronics by soldering and crimping various battery and sensor cables and researched and implemented circuit protection methods to prevent circuit failure and suppress fire hazards. I also assisted and oversaw the installation of the electrical system on the vehicle to ensure conformance to design and equipment specifications. As the electronics lead I also delegated testing and manufacturing responsibilities to members in the team.

Co-Founder, Treasurer & President | University of Cincinnati Quiz Club

Feb. 2014 to Dec. 2018

The University of Cincinnati Quiz Club was a club founded by and for trivia and quizzing enthusiasts. As a club we helped organize themed based trivia events across the university and collaborated with various groups on campus to host events. As a treasurer and president I managed the club's finances and organized weekly trivia events for the members of the club.

Secretary | University of Cincinnati IEEE Chapter

Aug. 2017 to May 2018

As the secretary of the IEEE University of Cincinnati chapter I recorded the meeting minutes and sent meeting notices to all the IEEE members. I also designed a workshop on the basics of PCB designing and manifacturing. (Workshop Presentaion) (Workshop Handout)

Engineering Diplomat | University of Cincinnati Engineering Diplomat

Aug. 2017 to May 2018

The Engineering Diplomats are a group of students that strive to provide cultural awareness and international exposure to UC students in conjunction with the Joint Co-op Institute, as well as assist the Chongqing University (CQU) students with their transition to life at UC. As an engineering diplomat I aided in mentoring the students from UC’s sister university Chongquing University helping them adapt to the university and college life in general.

Member | University of Cincinnati Racial Awareness Pilot Program (R.A.P.P.) 30

Sep. 2014 to May 2015

R.A.P.P. is a nine-month intensive program conducted at the University of Cincinnati that discusses various social factors like race, gender, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic status and other factors that influence a person’s identity. As a participant of this program my activities included discussing various social factors as a whole group, while discussing case studies as a small group to emphasize on points that resonate with others.